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PSN Code Generator

Playstation Network (PSN) has been globally popular among PS3 gamers since its launch. Before moving on to the code generator, a brief description of the PSN is required. This network is available for the PS3 users throughout the globe which allows them to play online multiplayer games, do shopping and chat with friends. In order to use the PSN, you just need a PS3 console, sign-in ID and an internet connection. It is absolutely and officially free to use with no fees or using charges.


Current Version: V5.0.6

(Tested and Working as of:   September 16th, 2014)

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The easiest surveys are the PIN number confirm surveys.

1. Click one of  the mobile survey that asks for pin number.

2. Put your name and details.

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4. In 15 seconds survey will be unlocked and You will get our Premium and Updated Generator.

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Now what are PSN codes used for? Basically, there are games on the PSN that needs to be purchased in order to play them. PS3 players buy them either using credit cards or by purchasing the codes from Sony or any other official retailer. This becomes pretty much expensive and therefore gamers are unable to enjoy some games. Therefore, PSN codes are important if you wish to play the best games like the Crysis 3, FIFA 14, COD Black Ops 2 and other games highly demanded throughout the globe.

What is the PSN code generator tool used for? As mentioned, purchasing codes becomes very expensive for gamers. This generator allows gamers to obtain these codes for free and play any game they want on the PS3. The software is very light and it is necessary to look around for a genuine and experienced code provider for better and safe experience. Once downloaded, you can simply run the generator and choose the amount you want accordingly. Finally when you click on the generate button, you are provided with a valid code (Mostly) which you can use to fill your PSN wallet.

Very often, players fear that such tools and software can be harmful to the system but experts recommend that an efficient and heavy antivirus must be used for a safe usage. If this is done, people can easily use the PSN code generator with no worries of viruses and threats. Another thing that discourages people from using the code generator is that they believe PSN accounts gets banned if caught. Well, this is true but if gamers take some precautions, they can safely fill their PSN wallets. PS3 gamers are strictly recommended to generate codes for as low amounts as possible which go unnoticed. In the history, accounts got banned simply because they were greedy and generated huge amounts.

There are no limitations on the usage of these codes which mean they perform the same functions as those people buy from Sony or other official retailers. So the amount generated from these codes can be used to purchase games and any other thing available on the PSN. Before downloading, make sure the tool is valid for your country. However, these codes are valid for many countries and PSN code generator software providers have never heard from a user that the code is not valid for their country. So what are you waiting for? Grab the best software of PSN code generator and play your favorite games for free.